The purpose of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) is to provide the European Union with qualified professionals adapted to the new demands of the transport market in order to improve road safety, driver safety, quality and service in the road transport activity.

The CAP is issued by the Ministry of Development through the Regional Transport Departments, since they have transferred the transfers. Therefore, the CAP is independent of the driving licence. Thus, a person may obtain the CAP without having a driving license.

In order to implement the CAP gradually, it was decided that it should first affect bus drivers, as they make up a fifth of the number of goods drivers, and this has allowed everyone (Official Bodies, Training Centres and Students) to gradually adapt to the rules of the royal decree that regulates it.

The 35-hour CAP training courses do not involve an examination and are for holders of truck and bus licences with dates prior to the entry into force of the compulsory Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP ). The implementation in Spain is carried out through the Royal Decree 1032-2007 of July 2007 where two key dates are established:

  • 11 September 2008. Entry into force of the CAP for drivers of passenger transport (bus).
  • 11 September 2009. Entry into force of the CAP for drivers of goods transport (lorries and trailers).
permiso cap

The continuous training courses of the CAP consist of 35 hours of theory, without practice and without an exam. These courses are also attendance-based and compulsory. The continuous training courses serve to renew the CAP and must be taken every five years.

These courses are also subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation. If you are a worker, you can take them for free. We manage the training bonus.

Autoescuela Guía as a centre that organises bonus courses, provides them with the management and processing of bonuses for the training of their workers.

These courses are mainly focused on students or companies that have to carry out Continuous Training ( 35 hours attendance without exam) and the course is common for both specialities (goods and travellers).

Necessary documentation

  • A photograph.
  • Photocopy of ID.
  • Photocopy of driving licence.

The agenda consists of:

  • Rational driving, mainly.
  • Logistics and transport.
  • First aid and fire extinction.

The obligation to carry out the initial training course (140 hours) CPC for the transport of passengers or goods, is for those drivers who obtain the D licence, after 11-09-2008, or the C licence after 11-09-2009

All those who had a C or D permit prior to this date do not have to take the course to obtain the CAP (initial training of 140 hours), they only have to take the obligatory CAP renewal course (continuous training of 35 hours) every 5 years.

The courses can be held in discontinuous periods, provided that they are given by the same authorised centre, within the same calendar year.

In AUTOESCUELA GUÍA we usually do it in two weekends, normally 5 days at 7 hours a day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Friday and Saturday), on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning.

No exam, only 35 hours of attendance.

Contact us for more information.

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  1. Is this license valid in Canada? I’m an international guest in Spain and considering this option but want to know if I can also use this when I go back to Canada.
    Thank you.

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