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Steps to get your A2 license

permiso moto a2 tenerife
  1. Psycho-technical: before taking the theoretical exam you must obtain a medical certificate of psycho-technical aptitude, which can be obtained from any specialised medical centre and pass a coordination test, an ophthalmological and medical check-up.
  2. Theoretical: Common and specific theory.
    1. Common theory: It is the same theory exam you have to take if you want to get your car license ( License B ). Those who have passed this exam because they have a car license are exempt from taking this exam again.
    2. Specific theory: it is a theoretical test on specific content of motorcycle driving, allowing a maximum of 2 failures to pass the test. Those who have passed this test when obtaining their A1 licence are exempt from taking this test again.
  3. Circuit practice: It is an exam that is made in the circuit of the tracks of the Provincial Headquarter of Traffic of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in which the following abilities are measured.
    1. Manoeuvring at reduced speed: parking, balance test (driving over a limited width), zig zag between pulls at reduced speed, acceleration by shifting into second gear, reaching a minimum speed of 30 km/h and controlled braking.
    2. Manoeuvring at high speeds: maximum time will be 25 seconds, zigzag between cones, minimum speed 30 km/h, change of direction, minimum speed 50 km/h, avoiding an obstacle and controlled emergency braking.
  4. Practical of circulation: It’s a practical driving test on roads open to traffic just like the one in a car, but in this case the student rides a 400 c.c. motorcycle onwards. The examiner will follow the student in a driving school car, giving the appropriate instructions to the student through an intercom.

Those who have had their A1 motorcycle licence for 2 years are exempt from taking the A2 practical circuit exam, they only take the practical road test.

Minimum age

The minimum age for this permit is 18.

Authorizes to drive

  • Motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW (48 hp), without any displacement limit and a power to weight ratio of 0,2 kW/kg or less and not derived from a vehicle with more than twice the power. This includes limited motorcycles but if the standard power does not exceed 70 kW (96 hp), (twice the maximum allowed power).
  • Includes motorcycles with sidecar.
  • Motor tricycles, whose maximum power does not exceed 15 Kw.
  • Obtaining it also implies the granting of the A1 and AM class licence.


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